AmSmart provides alarm and smart house solutions to the European market, through distributors aimed at the end consumer, so-called "White label Solution".

AmSmart offers the "engine" for your alarm and home automation offerings to business partners and comes with their company logo and colors, on the portal and app.
AmSmart is a cloud-based eco-system that manages the required value chain and enables partners to compete – and collaborate. 
Partners can get started today – with no investment or start-up costs.

About us:
• We are security industry experts with more than 20 years of experience.
• We are hardware-manufacturer independent.
• We have highly skilled and cost effective development resources.
• AmSmart AS is developed and owned by Elkotek Sikkerhet AS (norway) and sister company LookC AB (sweden).

Serviceproviders dont hesitate to contact us

"If you are interested in AmSmart we would love to hear from you. Please contact us and we are happy to take a nice chat over a cup of coffee."​ 

Dag Markussen, CEO, AmSmart AS

Have an idea or question? Want to market your business in the best way possible? Whatever your needs in the Iot marketing world, we’re the ones you can count on! Fill out this form or drop us a line at our mailbox, and we’ll be happy to get back to you with solutions and ideas.


"End customers please contact your serviceprovider under the "where to buy section" if questions regarding your system or prices."

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    Our Team

    Dag Markussen

    Owner and CEO, norway

    Anders Linstad

    Key Account Manager, norway

    Dag Arild Lia

    Sales Manager, norway

    Randulf Ødegård

    IT Manager, norway

    Glenn Pedersen

    Concept Manager GPS, norway

    Torbjörn Halstensen

    Sales Manager, sweden

    Stefan Högberg

    Key Account Manager, sweden

    Jesper Wilke

    Logistics/support, sweden

    Ronny K Svensson

    IT/CCTV/support, sweden

    Fredrik Andersson


    Gretha Strøm

    Account Manager, norway/sweden