Welcome to AmSmart!

We offer an effective solution for expanding your services and increasing your customer base in the field of smart home automation and alarms. With our white-label IoT platform, security companies, electricians, real estate developers, construction companies, among others, can expand their portfolio with the latest trends and opportunities.


Continuous Innovation, Customization & White Label Solutions: Build a personalized, branded smart home experience that evolves with your needs over time.

Vendor Neutral

AmSmart's IoT platform offers seamless integration with devices from various manufacturers and ensures no vendor lock-in, providing you the freedom to choose the sensors and devices that best suit your needs. You can automate different devices with each other.

Service Market

AmSmart supports national and international operations while offering service providers a platform to expand their offerings, access to a marketplace of value-added services.

User-friendly systems

Experience AmSmart's cost-effective, easy-to-use platform that strengthens relationships between service providers, distributors, and consumers, and delivers an extensive range of smart home solutions tailored to your brand identity.

What makes us outstanding in the market?

Insurance-approved equipment

In our solution, only insurance-approved equipment is used. As a customer, you can therefore rest assured that you are covered by your insurance in case of accidents or unforeseen events. AmSmart is made up of high-quality components, making it a highly reliable system with an uptime of nearly 99.97%.

Our service can be fully customized with your own logo and image elements!

You can build a closer relationship and build a loyal following of your customers

Integrate and automate several types of alarm systems and devices in a flexible way!

You can increase your service and device portfolio to acquire more customers.

Already integrated systems:

Hundreds of devices can be controlled, including Z-Wave capable devices. Check out some of them.

You will be able to manage and monitor the users and their systems, in the Backoffice.

Make support processes easier and your customers more satisfied

Service Market - The place where you can sell various services according to your own needs, whether it is software, hardware, or even human services.

You can increase your income with innovative services

We can make further developments on request, maintenance, or even Artificial Intelligence features.

AI capabilities can make your service completely unique and give you a strong competitive advantage

Get In Touch

To order an AmSmart alarm & smart home system, you as a customer must go through our carefully selected dealer network. Our dealer network consists of carefully selected partners who have skilled professionals with high competence and who take pride in delivering safe and innovative security solutions.
Our dealers are happy to assist you with:

  • Advice based on your security needs.
  • Installation of home alarms and smart home solutions
  • Expansions of the alarm system
  • Procurement of spare parts and batteries
  • A good safety product is the foundation of everything we offer, you as a customer should therefore also receive quality in the delivery.

Please feel free to contact us via email or phone for any further information, customized offers, or if you already have specific plans regarding how we can assist you. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.