About Us

AmSmart provides alarm and smart home solutions to the European market through distributors targeting end-users.

About AmSmart:

Elkotek Sikkerhet AS and LookC AB are importers/suppliers of products and services in the security industry in Norway and Sweden. We are a 100% privately-owned company that strives for the best service for our customers every day with innovative forward-looking solutions. We specialize in wireless security products and cloud services.

Since 2008, we have invested tens of millions in cloud solutions to help our customers meet the competition in the security market. Contact us for further information.

Through targeted work over the past 23 years, we have developed into a serious and competitive supplier of alarm products to the security industry in Scandinavia. We also have our subsidiary LookC AB in Sweden, which for over 20 years has supplied the Swedish market with security products.

Our common goal is that you as a customer (installer) should require minimal support on our products, and if you ever need support, you will always receive excellent assistance from us! We have many experienced technicians employed with extensive experience in the security industry and a good understanding of our products.

AmSmart AS is developed and owned by Elkotek Sikkerhet AS (Norway) and its sister company LookC AB (Sweden). If you are interested in AmSmart, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with us!