IP Cameras

Video surveillance is an essential part of any security system. Modern systems, like AmSmart, utilize wireless cameras that communicate with your control center. Typically, you can choose whether the cameras should record 24/7 or only stream live “then and there” when something happens.

This provides you with the ability to see what’s happening on your property when you’re not present and adds an extra layer of security. It means you can sleep well at night when you’re away, knowing that you have control over what’s happening in and around your home.

You can easily control your cameras and any recordings through the accompanying app that comes with the system. Here, you have full control over the images and videos produced by the system. For instance, you can effortlessly delete and manage the content yourself, directly within the mobile app.

You can also decide who should receive notifications in case of any events, and you can choose which images potentially should be forwarded to a security center if needed. This means that security personnel don’t need to see that your children forgot to turn off the alarm when they entered the house. You have full control over your images and videos.

The cameras are there for your safety and security. They will provide you with valuable insight into what’s happening on your property when you’re not present. The app makes it easy to send notifications to a security center if an unfortunate event occurs.